Marie-Andrée Saint-Pierre

Marie-Andrée Saint-Pierre


*I take new patients by referral only*


I am a certified acupuncturist and member of the Quebec Board of Acupuncture. I also hold a Master's degree in Sport and Exercise Science from the University of Montreal and a B.Ed. in Physical Education from McGill University.

My acupuncture practice is guided by one of the most important aspects of Chinese Medicine, the concept of the unity of the physical body, the mind and emotions. All three elements are considered a whole, with continuous influence on one another. 

My therapeutic approach aims to:

  • provide my patients with all of my skills and knowledge to support them in improving their well­being and by helping them regain greater energetic balance;
  • guide my patients in developing their own capacity to take charge of their physical, emotional and mental health as well as their ability to identify and choose the best ways to manage their own energetic resources.

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